Recent Fundings

$500,000 Construction Mortgage

The appraisal came in at $750,000 on this beautiful spec home in Juniper, making this an easy deal at 66% LTV with one of our long time repeat builders. The builder was able to get a draw schedule that best suited their needs and focus only on their project, not the financing.

$1.4 MillionĀ Development Mortgage

This development mortgage was secured over 20 duplex lots. The developer wanted the money to keep the work progressing and have a few finished units ready for sale.

$600,000 Inter Alia Development Mortgage

This was secured by three separate parcels worth over $3 Million located near a booming ski resort. The developer wanted the funds to finish off the work so he could start subdividing the lots off and sell them individually.

$850,000 1st Mortgage On Private Landfill

Client had two separate mortgages on the land and wanted to consolidate them into one, with a lower annual percentage rate. There was a sale pending on the property within 9 months so we were able to provide quick financing to clean things up, knowing there was a solid exit strategy.

$350,000 Construction Mortgage

This client has dealt with Stewart Mortgage Corp. for 30+ years. Appraisal was $500,000 making this 70% LTV construction deal a no brainer for us. We strive to build long term relationships with all of our clients, many we have dealt with 10+ years.

$500,000 Marina In Port Coquitlam

Client was looking for money to purchase another property. This property was free and clear and had lots of equity. We were able to have this advanced within a few short days and helped the client keep his deadline on the new purchase.

$500,000 1st Mortgage

This 1st mortgage was on a remote lake property making it more difficult for conventional financing. Client was well established and had an excellent net worth. This property was meant to be a vacation home. We were able to make things happen so that he could purchase his dream vacation home and enjoy some time off from his busy work schedule.

$320,000 1st Mortgage - Flex Down

This mortgage was placed with one of our institutional banks. Client had saved up quite a bit for his down payment but was a little short. One of our lenders has a Flex Down product that allowed him to borrow the remainder from his low interest Line of Credit to top up the difference. Stewart Mortgage Corp. is truly your one stop shop for all mortgages.

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